Thursday, April 1, 2010

Intercession - Thursday

Happy April Fool's day! Surprisingly, we made it through intercession today with very few pranks.
The long days are starting to take a visible toll on all the students and workers. But even so, they are all rising to the challenge and persevering well. While reviewing our songs from club, we also taught the students one of my favorite songs that we sing at our clubs during the summer. I love the way the high schoolers try to act all cool and smooth, but in the end, they really enjoy doing goofy hand motions to songs and playing silly games.
Today's clubs were a little different because a lot of the kids had basketball class during club time. Our room started out with just 3 kids and ended up with 6(a big change from Tuesday's and Wednesday's 11). Our club went really well though. These students are really starting to be more open with the kids and are trying so hard. I would love for them to work this summer with me. We're going to give them Christian Youth in Action(CYIA) camp brochures tomorrow and hopefully some of them will make the decision to come.
We have one more day to teach and I am relieved, but sad. I've had a great time getting to know these students and this experience, I know, has prepared me for more work with youth in the future. I'm going to miss the elementary kids in my club too. They are so adorable! I don't have to be reminded why I do what I do, but seeing those faces smiling up at you and feeling a tug on your sleeve from those little hands because they want to tell you something that is probably not very important to you, but is immensely important to them, makes me feel so blessed! These children are so dear, and they are so precious to God. It is such a joy to teach them and, this week, to train others to do the same.

-Please pray for the students, and us teachers, as we near the end of our time together that they would have renewed energy for their last day teaching.
-And Pray for the little ones we are teaching, that they would understand what they are hearing and that they would apply it to their lives.

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