Thursday, April 8, 2010

Teaching on the Weekends

Intercession is over, but I'll hopefully still be updating fairly frequently. I am still teaching and I can always use prayer. Since the beginning of January, I've been teaching "Sunday school" weekly during a Saturday night service at Gracepoint Community Church in Southcenter. This is a tough class, because it's only a few kids (about 2-6 regulars) and they come from low-income and broken homes, mostly. It has certainly been a trial trying to answer some of the questions they come up with. I just finished a 12 week series on David, but just about every week, some other topic would come up out of nowhere, halfway through the class and we would just forget about the lesson to talk about the issue. One week, I was teaching about David and Mephibosheth and the last 20 minutes of class was spent discussing various religions and what their beliefs are. These kids have a lot of great questions and hardly any Biblical knowledge (They had never heard of Goliath before!) It's so different than any club I've ever taught. It is definitely a challenge, but I think it is helping me a lot in my ability to answer these questions. I'll be teaching with them until the end of May, when Summer responsibilities become more overwhelming.

-Please pray for these kids. They have so much experience in things I cannot relate to.
-Pray for wisdom and guidance for me as I try to answer their questions in a loving and knowledgeable way.

Tomorrow also starts my first week teaching a new Good News Club in Bellevue. I have helped out at this club before, but have never taught at it. The kids are a little on the energetic side and are hard to control at times. But I'm glad I already have met them, and they like me so I'm hoping this club will be a fun experience for them as well as me. For those unfamiliar with "CEF-speak", a Good News Club (GNC) is like a 5-day club, but instead of being 5 consecutive days, it is once a week and usually runs during the school year. This one will be running until the end of May. Since I'm teaching these classes Friday and Saturday weekly, I'm going to be using the same lessons for both of them.

-Please pray for my preparedness for this club. And pray that I would know how to discipline the kids.
-Please pray for the kids, that they would be ready to learn about God and be attentive during the teaching time and involved during the game and song times.

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