Sunday, March 28, 2010

And So, the Work Begins

My responsibilities as a Summer Missionary for Child Evangelism Fellowship(CEF) start tomorrow. Although really, my missions work hardly ever stops. Which is how it should be, in my mind.

Right now I am preparing to teach at Seattle Christian Schools this Monday-Friday. I will be working in a team, teaching around 20 high school students how to prepare lessons and teach children about God's love. During this week, the students will be teaching children at their school from Tuesday-Friday. I'm so excited for this week of teaching and learning! This is part of an awesome program at Seattle Christian called "Intercession", and the students have a wide choice of opportunities available to them. Our class is just one of many wonderful missions training that is going on this week through the school. As this is my spring break from Bellevue College, I can give Intercession my full attention; God worked it out so well!

-Please pray for the students at Seattle Christian, that they would have understanding and comprehension for these sessions. It will be a lot of information in a short amount of time.
-Pray for the children attending the club this week, that they would be open to the gospel we are presenting to them.
-And Pray for me and my fellow teachers, that we would be prepared, helpful, encouraging and knowledgable.


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