Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Intercession - Tuesday

It's a little difficult to get the hang of the schedule for these days, since the two we've had so far have been so different! In the morning, we evaluated the students on the Wordless Book and were somewhat surprised at some of the results. A lot of them had a hard time with explaining certain concepts and we got the feeling that many of these kids do not have a strong, grounded knowledge of their faith. We don't know for sure if all these kids are saved. I know that it's very easy to assume that kids in a program like this are born-again, but we never should.

-Please pray for us, as leaders to have answers to their questions, and for God to use us in the lives of these students, that they may come to saving knowledge of him, if they haven't believed.
-And if they have believed, that they would grow more in that knowledge.

Missions time went much more smoothly today. A new set of faces, the kids who taught as Club Coordinator(the songs and verse and such) during the club today. They seem to be getting the idea of what is expected of them, and most of them are rising to the challenge very well and with much enthusiasm! I am so impressed by their command of the materials in such a short time of training. I hope that some of them will consider attending CYIA (Christian Youth in Action) camp and/or teach in King County this summer.

My group for the clubs had some rocky places, but I only foresee them getting better and better as the week goes. Mostly, the reason they're not doing as well as they could is that they're not really putting a lot of time into it. I hope that today, they realized some of that. Now that they've actually taught some kids and seen what teaching the club is like, they can be better prepared.

-Pray that my fellow teachers and I would be able to clearly present these lessons to them, so that they can comprehend and be able to teach them to the children.
-Pray for the children that they would be open to our message tomorrow.
-Pray for the students to have a right heart attitude when approaching the teaching. That it wouldn't be a chore, but rather a joy.

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