Monday, March 29, 2010

Intercession - Monday

Thank you for your prayers! Today went very well. This experience was quite different than I expected, but as a whole, things went smoothly. It is an interesting thing to be teaching students who are only a few years younger than you. At first, I think they all thought I was in my mid-twenties, but then they found out I was just almost 19, and some of them had changed attitudes. We broke into groups after lunch, so each group could learn about their part of the 4-day club they were going to teach. I had the missionary story people. I was so intimidated going to the other classroom with 5 teenagers I had never met before. I had been in their shoes 3 times before, but not since 8th grade. We were running so far ahead of schedule that instead of the planned 1, I had them for almost 2 hours! 2 hours in which I was to explain what the missionary story was, the responsibilities connected to it, demonstrate what they would be teaching and the rest of the time was for them to study. I was pretty much done with my teaching in 30 minutes. Apparently, I didn't know that high school students don't like to sit and study for an hour and a half, after being in classes all day. Go figure, right?

-I will be in the same position tomorrow, with a different 5 students. Please pray for me to use the time wisely, and effectively.
-Pray for the students' comprehension. Again, this is tons of information. They'll be getting started on Wednesday's material before they even teach Tuesday's, tomorrow.
-Pray that I would be ready to answer any questions they may have for me.

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